My Legal Protection From Harassment Abuse And Stalking

Theresa Fort Worth, TX


Mine isn't such a happy story, but I want to share it in the hopes of helping someone else who may be the victim of something similar. My ex-boyfriend has harassed me for more than a year, and his harassment included phone call, e-mails and other activities.

In gathering evidence for the police to file charges, I found Voicemails Forever and was thrilled because it would save the voice mail messages he left...not just for a couple of weeks, but forever! The phone company couldn't help me retrieve them off their voice mail system, and the messages just disappeared after a couple of weeks, even after re-saving them. So, kudos to you and the service you offer. I would strongly suggest you make victim services organizations aware of your services for cases of harassment, abuse and stalking. Thanks for letting me share my story! :)