Priceless And Precious Voicemails

Wanda MI


Being able to use Voicemails was priceless to us. We had several saved messages from our grandson, beginning when he was 3 years old. They were special because one was when my husband had a life threatening event and was hospitalized, another two on birthdays, and one of my favorites was about a fishing trip in Florida. The voice being saved is precious to us as well as the words they convey.

What prompted me to seek Voicemails Forever was shopping for a new phone and finding out that by upgrading and getting a new phone I would lose the messages I had saved for so long. Thank you Voicemails Forever for your service and for going that extra mile when I phoned with concerns about a time frame I needed to deal with. I have given your company's name to several friends and many have loved the concept and plan on using your services. Your service was prompt and it solve any problems we had in retaining our precious messages. Thank you.