Freeing Voicemails From The Phone Company Grip

Maribell Olympia, WA


Voicemail Forever has truly enriched my life. When my Mom died on thanksgiving weekend 8 years ago, I came home from the memorial and the first thing I did was check my voicemail to see if I had any saved messages from her. I did not. I was determined I was not going to let that happen with my dad.

So for 6 years, I saved special messages from my Dad on my voice mail. My Dad died at 90 years old last year. I have 20 wonderful messages.

But having all those saved messages created a few problems The first is that my voicemail was so full of saved messages there was barely any room for new messages (which is bad for a home business). Secondly, my telephone company started deleting the oldest messages without notifying me. And third, I was held captive to my expensive phone service because if I changed services I would lose my messages. Voicemail Forever changed all that. I could not believe how easy it was to use. Seriously, you guys have an amazing service. Thank you.