From A Full Phone To A Happy Hard Drive

Kerry Ann Arbor, Mi


I had been re-saving voicemails on my cell phone for several years....special ones from my daughter, and then when my father was sick with cancer for two years, I also saved many of his messages (along with a few earlier ones from him prior to his illness). Some of the messages were funny, some were birthday wishes, some from my father make me cry, but I love to hear his voice, and one was of my daughter singing a song to me when she was away for a few days.

All were special. My father died of his disease two years ago, and I'm so thankful that I have these messages from him so I can hear his voice. But my inbox became full, and I could no longer receive any new messages! I wanted a way to record all of them and be able to retain the sound quality.

A friend thankfully had used Voicemails Forever and told me about it. It was not very expensive, so I went for it. Now I have the messages on my hard drive and saved so I don't ever have to lose them :) . I'm thankful for this service and highly recommend to others!