Simply Knowing Him Made Me A Better Person

Monika Charlotte, NC


My story is simple but true. I chose Voicemails Forever to capture a voicemail of a voice I, unfortunately, will never hear again. The voice of a man I will never forget.

I met Jon when I started working for him 14 years ago. Over the years he became a mentor and then a dear friend. Several years ago Jon was diagnosed with cancer. He fought it with everything he had and surpassed life expectancy by a mile. His passing, though expected at some point, was still sudden and still a shock.

After he passed away, I was going through my cell phone and I realized I had a message from Jon. It wasn't anything earth-shattering, he wasn't calling to tell me good-bye or tell me what our friendship has meant to him. It was simply a 'hey, just checking in to see how you are (typical Jon - he's the one with cancer and he was checking on me) - tell everyone at work I said hello.' and then 'Love you'. And he was gone.

In choosing Voicemails Forever I will always have the voice and the last words from a man that simply by knowing him, made me a better person.