This Veterans Legacy Passed Down Through Voicemail

Brian Coral Springs, FL


My father was a highly decorated WWII Veteran. He was also a teacher, educator, and had a booming voice that best could be described as 'radio perfect'. While we had radio broadcasts with him on it from Detroit, nothing could compare to him speaking alone - and Super 8's and reel to reel recordings just were not doing him justice.

In 2006, he fell ill with Multiple Myeloma and it began to take its toll. I had my dad record hundreds of voice mails for me knowing that I needed to preserve his voice in a digital manner, somehow and someway so that his grandchildren and their children would always know the 'voice' as we called it, and forever preserving the booming quality and pitch he possessed. I knew that sooner or later that voice would be forever silenced and it was a legacy that was needed to be left, even if only in voice.

On those voice mails he talked about WWII, his battles, his experiences, and about life in general. My parents knew each other from the time my mom was 10 and my dad was 15 - and they remained married for 58 years (71 years as best friends) overall.

I downloaded those voice mails onto a digital recorder and soon realized that was not good enough o save forever. Then came Voicemails Forever. These amazing folks became a legacy G-d send, allowing for me to permanently preserve my dad's voice for the masses and for future generations to not only learn from, but appreciate as well. The digital age of his voice is here forever and we can never, not once ever, thank the Voicemail Forever team enough for their kindness, understanding and sensitivity.