Grandaughters Comforting Messages

Rebecca Bethune, CO


My story starts in June of 2006. I moved away from my family. my youngest son had two young daughters that I had taken care of from the time they were born. He would call and leave messages of him and his girls. Those kept me sane for the few years I was away. I then moved back to help him with the girls, as his wife had left.

I moved in with him and the girls. Two years after that he was killed in a work accident. I was lucky that he had left several other messages for me. The girls mom got the girls and I haven't been able to see them. I did save the messages I had from them. I was going to change phones because mine was not holding a charge, I became very worried about losing all those messages. I had talked to another lady who had a son that was killed in an auto accident and she told me about the Voicemails Forever. I called when I got ready to change phones and a very helpful gentleman helped me get signed up. I know now that I will have those messages plus a lot of others from my family and friends. No one knows how comforting it is to hear their voices from time to time.